Different Variations To Long Island Iced Tea Cocktail

If you are looking for a potent cocktail or a mixture of all prominent liquors, look no further than the Long Island Iced Tea. Famous for its complex recipe and long standing history, this cocktail is now popular across the world.

Add equal amounts of Gin, Silver Tequila, Vodka and White Rum all in a cocktail shaker full of ice cubes and then add Triple Sec and Sweet & Sour Mix. Shake them well and strain into a highball glass, topped off with a splash of Coke. Your Long Island Iced Tea is ready.

The drink is super potent because of the high number of liquors in it, so if you are planning to wind off your party, then have this and go to sleep.

So, what are the variations to this drink? Let us see them now.

Grateful dead drink:

Basically, these variations have either swapped some liqueurs and mixers or added or removed them.

Grateful Dead drink swaps Triple Sec with Raspberry liqueur and remove Coke from the equation.

Click here for Grateful Dead drink recipe.

AMF Drink:

Also known as the Adios Motherfucker drink (sorry for the name), and several other names like the Adios drink, Adios Mother f*cker drink, this variation replaces Triple Sec with Blue Curacao to give the classical Blue color to the cocktail.

When you replace Triple Sec with Blue Curacao, you get a brilliantly blue colored cocktail and of course you need to remove Coke and add Sprite instead.

For adios drink recipe read this page

Variations of Long Island Iced Tea:

So, these variations will use all the four liquors as such – Gin, Vodka, Tequila and Rum. Only the Liqueurs and Mixers vary between each one of them.

An exception to this rule is the Texas Tea which only adds Whiskey to the Original Long Island Iced Tea.

Yet another highly potent drink is the “Graveyard” which includes all four liquors as above and in addition has Whiskey, Scotch, Lager Beer and Stout Beer. Do not add any sweet & sour or coke. This is just enough!

Let us see the variations here in the table below for better understanding.

Long Island Iced TeaTriple SecSweet & Sour; Coke
AMF DrinkBlue CuracaoSprite
Grateful Dead DrinkRaspberry LiqueurSprite
Tokyo TeaTriple Sec; Melon LiqueurSweet & Sour; Sprite
LA Water DrinkTriple Sec; Raspberry Liqueur; Melon Liqueur; Blue CuracaoSweet & Sour
Cherry Long IslandTriple SecSweet & Sour; Cherry Cola
Cotton Candy Long IslandTriple SecCream Soda; Cotton Candy
Strong IslandCointreauLemon Juice; Simple Syrup; Coke
Blue Long IslandGOLD TEQUILA; Blue CuracaoSweet & Sour
Blue Hawaiian Long IslandBlue CuracaoPineapple Juice; Coconut Cream